Skills and training

Skills and training

Aragon DIH facilitates the training and education of organizations, companies and entrepreneurs in the technological fields of our activity. Training in any of the Key Technologies is one of the priorities established for DIHs, which is why this type of service is a fundamental pillar of Aragón DIH. Beyond technological training, we offer consulting support actions in different areas of digitization, as well as business development and collaboration opportunities.


Plan D

REMA (Programa Aragón Empresa)

Club Virtual Emprender en Aragón

Fundación Emprender en Aragón

Cursos, programas formativos y jornadas sobre competencias en innovación tecnológica y desarrollo profesional

Experto Universitario en Digitalización e Industria Inteligente

Experto Universitario en Gestión de la I+D+i en la Empresa

Experto Universitario en Cadena de Suministro 4.0

Máster Propio en Dirección de Supply Chain

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Aragón DIH is a service for the digitization of companies promoted by the Technological Institute of Aragón, the Aragonese Institute of Development and the University of Zaragoza.
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